KTS Product

Potassium that performs.

  • Highly soluble, chloride-free solution
  • Improves the crop's ability to cope with drought stress and effectively utilize nitrogen
  • Used to supplement fertility programs where only a defined amount of potassium and/or sulfur is needed per acre, such as in starter fertilizers or side-dress applications
  • Can be tank mixed with N and P liquid fertilizers such as KTN and ammonium polyphosphate solutions (e.g. 10-34-0 and 11-37-0)
  • Easy to handle and can be applied through all types of irrigation systems

The clearly superior potassium fertilizer.

KTS is the highest analysis, liquid potassium and sulfur source on the market. KTS provides immediately available potassium that is essential to many plant functions including stress tolerance, water management, enzyme activity and nutrient transport. Sulfur provides assistance in the production of amino acids, proteins, oils and chlorophyll. KTS is an ideal product for fertigation (application via irrigation) as it enables growers to effectively manage the potassium and sulfur requirements of crops.